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Nishmat’s Shana Ba’Aretz is a unique program for post high school students looking for a stimulating year of Torah study filled with new experiences in a totally Israeli environment. ​

During your year at Nishmat, you will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to learn the full range of classic and modern Jewish texts.  Nishmat will give you the ability to continue learning independently for the rest of your life.

At Nishmat you will spend your morning and night sedarim in our beautiful Bet Midrash, delving into Gemara and Halacha with a Chavruta. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a wide range of shiurim on Tanakh, Machshava and contemporary issues. 

Growth doesn’t come easily. Your year in Nishmat will be one of עמילות בתורה, working to reach the deeper layers of meaning and commitment, and making Torah an integral part of your life.

And that is just the beginning.

We will help you choose an individual learning project that will help you develop your personal learning goals; complete the Tanakh, finish a masechet, or undertake a research project that has always been of interest. 

You will benefit from  more than one approach to Torah study. Just as we don’t have a single model of student, we don’t have a single model of teacher. Our incredible faculty at Nishmat includes iconic figures in contemporary scholarship and thought as well as up-and-coming Talmidei and Talmidot Chachamim. 

​Learning is a lifelong journey, and at Nishmat you will begin to be קובע עיתים בתורה, creating set time to learn Torah.

At Nishmat you will have the opportunity to develop an inner world of Avodat Hashem. 

Our schedule includes classes on Tefilla; a Gemara B’iyun class on Masechet Brachot that doesn’t shy away from tackling personal and religious questions, as well as classes on the Nusach and Halachot of Tefilla. Additional courses explore underlying questions of Emunah; faith and one’s personal connection with Hashem.

​We have classes on Mussar and Middot, and view Mitzvot Ben Adam Lchavero as a central part of the year. At Nishmat we place a strong emphasis on Chesed as part of the week and part of our lives. 

And that is just the beginning.

At Nishmat we daven together daily, conduct powerful Selichot, musical Rosh Chodesh, and Kabbalat Shabbat on the roof with singing and dancing. We emphasize both the traditional Tefilla and the Ruach and passion of davening in our midrasha.

Our Shabbatot and Tiyulim include experiential programming and out-of-classroom programming including lively Tisches, guided written reflections, and inspirational workshops. 

Avodat Hashem extends beyond the classroom. We learn how to relate to Hashem from our teachers, mentors and one another.

Every student at Nishmat knows that this year is the beginning of a life long relationship with Israel.

Wherever you plan to build your home, Israel will play a central role in your life. Since Nishmat is an integrated program, you will make long lasting friendships with Israeli students and faculty. You will have Israeli roommates and Israeli Chevrutot. In the Bet Midrash, the common spoken language is Hebrew. Whether we come from the United States, Canada, Australia or England we speak Hebrew whenever we can. 

Learning Ivrit b’Ivrit with Israelis is a huge part of your year at Nishmat. Your Hebrew will improve exponentially as you are exposed to a fresh perspective on Torah learning.  Almost every slot during your week will have a Hebrew option. 

Most of our students learn Torah best when they have opportunities to learn in their native language. Our schedule includes a selection of extraordinary classes given in English. Each student shapes her own schedule and determines the balance of Hebrew and English that works best for her. 

At Nishmat, we believe that ציונות is a Torah value and celebrate יום העצמאות and יום ירושלים with הלל, dancing, and a deep sense of gratitude to Hashem for the opportunity to live in these extraordinary times.  

And that is just the beginning.

At Nishmat you will encounter Israel as an insider. Your relationship with the Land, the State, and the Israelis you meet will shape how you relate to Israel for the rest of your life.

Living in Jerusalem is an invaluable part of the Nishmat experience. Through weekly Chessed projects and joint programming, students become a part of the landscape of the local neighborhood.  

Just a short bus ride from the Kotel (30 min), Emek Refaim (10 min), and the center of town (25 min), students are encouraged to explore this magnificent city and make it their own. Nishmat is located right on the beautiful “Park Hamesila” jogging trail that students use and enjoy. 

Nishmat is close enough to the hustle and bustle of the city to be convenient and accessible, but far enough away that students are able to focus and be present on campus.​

​Our program introduces our students to the breadth, beauty and depth of the modern State of Israel. There is at least one communal Shabbat and one Tiyul throughout Israel each month. Whether that means hiking in the Golan, snorkeling in Eilat, interacting with artists in Tzfat, visiting an עיר פיתוח, spending Shabbat on a Kibbutz, meeting old and new immigrants and much more, you will encounter Israel in all its beautiful complexity. ​

Student at Nishmat want the independence to grow and the support to thrive.

During this year you will find your own voice within authentic Torah learning. 

​Developing a genuine voice in Torah requires independence, mentoring and maturity. ​One of our main priorities at Nishmat is to give you as many opportunities for mentorship as possible. In addition to relationships you develop with your teachers, each student is assigned a mentor from the staff who meets with her individually and in small groups. Mentorships are crucial for processing your experiences, for raising questions, and for discussing any challenges. Your mentor will help you make the most out of your year. 

Our faculty members are available for questions and discussions after class and during breaks, and host students for Shabbat throughout the year. 

​Beyond the formal schedule, students and faculty form small “Chaburot” that meet weekly to discuss topics of interest, such as medical ethics, approaches to spiritual growth, and morality in Judaism.

​Nishmat will be your home for the year. Your Rakezet, Em Bayit and Madrichot are your family on campus. Their homes are open to you and they are always available to hang out and talk. Nishmat has five wonderful families living on campus and they are often available to host students on Shabbat

And that is just the beginning.

At Nishmat, independence goes beyond the Bet Midrash. Our program is based on maturity and mutual trust. We start the year with high expectations of ourselves, our students and deep sense of trust that we’re all here to create an environment that will bring out the best in all of us.  

At Nishmat, you will dorm with israeli students of different backgrounds, some of whom have already completed a year or two of National Service. Together, you will learn how to live in dormitory apartments and cook for yourselves. You will learn to take responsibility for your own space and make it yours.

Your friends at Nishmat, both within the Shana Ba’Aretz program and from the Midrasha as a whole, will be an amazing group of women who share your drive and excitement.  Everyone is motivated to grow and to learn this year–and have a wonderful time together.   

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