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Sharfman's Seminary

Sharfman's Seminary


Welcome to Bnot Torah/Sharfman's Seminary



Thank you for coming to learn more about Bnot Torah/Sharfman's. We encourage you to connect with us and sign up for a presentation slot. For more information please visit our website: can learn more about our history, our unique learning experience, our clubs, Bayit Cham events, our community and much more. For the latest happenings, posts, stories and videos please check out @Sharfmans on Instagram


Sharfman's is legendary and known for relevant classes that capture the attention of every student. Our classes are hashkafic, engaging...and for you. Our Beit Midrash sessions are designed to allow you to take ownership of your Torah knowledge and to bring sources to class so that you are never lectured to...but become part of the class itself. After all, we are famous for being a seminary that is the leader in providing you with the ability to achieve real growth where you can move in a positive direction.


Live your life as a true Bnot Torah. Discover how we are a seminary that allows you to not just have your best year ever —  but to live a wonderful, inspired and growth-oriented life as someone who truly maximizes her potential as a Jewish woman. We offer you an unparalled student-centered seminary experience. A predominant amount of our our faculty lives right in your community. Enjoy an authentic Israel experience and become someone who forever evokes the inspiration of תורת ארץ ישראל. Feel happy. Feel the warmth! 

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