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Midreshet Ein HaNatziv

Midreshet Ein HaNatziv
Midreshet Ein HaNatziv
Midreshet Ein HaNatziv
Midreshet Ein HaNatziv
Midreshet Ein HaNatziv
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Midreshet Ein Hanatziv is a Beit Midrash for young Israeli women, located on a beautiful, pastoral kibbutz in northern Israel. Join us in our integrative gap year program where we learn Torah with a commitment to the past and an openness to the present.

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Join Midreshet Ein Hanatziv - A Beit Midrash for women where serious Torah studies meet an open-minded and innovative environment. 

At the Midrasha, you will enjoy living and learning with Israeli peers along with special programming for overseas students! All this while living on a religious Kibbutz located in the lush Valley of Springs in northern Israel. 

The Midrasha offers a study-centered program filled with social activities, self-management, and lots of fun!

Gemara focused curriculum including a variety of shiurim in Tanach, Chasidut, and contemporary Jewish issues.


Some highlights of Midreshet Ein HaNatziv:

  • #1: Our beit midrash is one that is not just teaching Torah of the past but which is creating and revealing Torah each day in a serious and open minded way. We are asking questions about Judaism in contemporary times and specifically about women’s roles in both the past and the future in Jewish life and leadership.

  • #2: Our program gives its students an opportunity to experience the daily life of an Israeli. Our overseas students are not only immersed into a program with 60-80 Israeli students, living out the same daily schedule with them, but also our students live on a religious kibbutz in beautiful rural Israel. Our students live in small home-like dorms on the Ein HaNatziv kibbutz and share rooms with the Israeli participants of the program.

  • #3: Our large diverse staff with a wide array of specialities enables each student to uniquely create a schedule which fits their goals for learning and spiritual growth. Our classes range from Tanakh, Talmud and the history of Jewish Law to Jewish Philosophy, Chassidut, and Gender and Judaism.

  • #4: The yearlong curriculum includes dedicated study and on-site experiences (tiyulim) to better understand Israeli culture and society and will focus on contemporary social and cultural issues such as minorities in Israel, social and inter-religious changes, Israel and world Jewry, the philosophy of Zionism past and present, the Religious Kibbutz movement, and the State of Israel as a modern Jewish-Democracy



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