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LIBA at Nishmat, the newly designed Shana Ba’Aretz program






High-level Torah Learning in a Warm, Supportive Environment

Avodat Hashem demands the heart, רחמנא ליבא בעי. We believe in highest-level Torah learning that embraces the mind, the heart, and the spirit. Torah that becomes a part of all aspects of our lives: in the Bet Midrash, the dorms, and in your day-to-day life. Embark on a journey where mind and heart amplify each other to reveal and discover the worlds of Emunah, Ahava and Yirah.



Torah- Enter a world of Torah that enhances the heart and Avodat Hashem. Join the vibrant Bet Midrash of Nishmat, and take part in a rich array of programs, together with women from Israel and around the world.  Pursue a high level of learning and love of Torah like never before, with inspiring and relatable Torah educators, as you develop proficiency in Tanach, Gemara, Halacha, Machshevet Yisrael, and Chassidut. Chart out your own path in the world of Talmud Torah, with attentive guidance, every step of the way.

 Heart- Rachmana Liba Bai- What Hashem desires is our hearts -  It's not enough to learn about Tefilah, we need to learn to feel Tefilah; to want to open our hearts and pray.  Experience a spiritually-immersive environment that brings Torah into all aspects of your personal life - Grow on a personal level while uplifting traditional Talmud Torah experiences with classes that explore the depths of Machshava and Chassidut, workshops devoted to personal growth and Avodat HaMiddot, and lectures specifically dedicated to the intersection between Avodat Hashem, Halacha and professional life.  

Community- Find your home in Israel, at Nishmat. Liba’s exemplary staff balances Talmud Torah proficiency with a warm supportive environment; ideal for ensuring that your integration into the Bet Midrash is seamless and successful. Located in a vibrant Jerusalem neighborhood, Liba nurtures connections between the Shana Ba’aretz students, Israeli peers and local community, cultivating lifelong relationships.




----- Full English schedule -----


----- Full support system -----

LIBA will offer an entire staff devoted to supporting overseas students, ensuring that their integration into the Bet Midrash is seamless and successful. In addition to the program directors and new faculty, there will also be a program administrator, a mental health consultant, English-speaking madrichot, personal mechanchot assigned to each student, and the option of an adopting (Israeli) family. In addition, LIBA students will have the option of choosing English speaking dorming setup to provide a maximum level of comfort.





Prepare yourself for life after Midrasha from within the Bet Midrash, through the Torat Chaim curriculum, a platform for your self-expression and exploration. Enjoy lectures and workshops in a wide variety of fields – business and law, medicine and mental health, education and the humanities – from Orthodox professionals and scholars who personally navigate the intersection between profession and Halacha, and discover how your experiences and explorations allow you to expand your horizons and build another level in your life.  





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