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Midreshet Eshel

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Learning and Living Your Sephardic Roots in Israel

Midreshet Eshel is designed for Sephardic women to be able to strengthen their Sephardic Jewish identity and their connection to the land and people of Israel, while also providing the tools to return as active member of their communities.

Midreshet Eshel is the FIRST post high school program designed for Sephardic women. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, just steps away from the Kotel! Eshel provides students with a unique opportunity to explore their rich heritage. Students experience profound spiritual and personal growth as they learn and live Torah in Eretz Yisrael under the guidance of our highly qualified and professional staff. The program concentrates on a number of educational areas which include: Leadership training, Jewish studies, Sephardic history and tradition, and contemporary Israel.

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