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Baer Miriam

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Your Home Away from Home

Our goal at Baer Miriam is to cultivate in our students a love of learning and to provide the tools for learning; the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of Torah and spiritual growth.

​Classes cater to all levels of students, and yet are able to challenge the most advanced. The personal involvement of our teachers, the challenging and inspirational classes, and the "ruach", combine to create an unparalleled learning experience. Baer Miriam aims to integrate Torah into the very fabric of our lives.

At Baer Miriam, we strongly believe in “chanoch l’na’ar al pi darko,” or "Educate each student according to their way." This is reflected in the tremendous diversity of our classes. We offer various approaches to the study of each subject: textual, contextual and Hashkafa. In addition to the core curriculum and program requirements, you are able to create your own schedule, choosing from the vast number of elective courses offered at Baer Miriam to create a schedule and program which best suits your needs and interests. 

Our warmth is legendary, as well, as Baer Miriam goes above and beyond to cater to each individual student. With a nearly 1-1 student-to-teacher ratio, we make it a priority to give each and every student as much personal attention as they need, in order to make sure each student can grow and thrive.

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