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World Bnei Akiva

Experiential Israel Year Programs in a Religious, Zionist, Open Atmosphere. Prepare for the time of your life!

World Bnei Akiva offers post high school gap year programs in a religious, Zionist, open atmosphere.

Live in Israel. Develop your Jewish Identity. Have the time of your life!

World Bnei Akiva is one of the largest and most popular Israel Gap year providers. For more than 80 years our transformative, experiential, year programs known as Hachshara, meaning “preparation”, have changed the lives of thousands of participants from around the world.


On our programs you'll experience highlights including:




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Co-ed, International, 10 months

Kivun is a program for aspiring youth who want to experience life in Israel in a religious, Zionist, co-ed environment and become part of the fabric of Israeli culture. Together with friends from around the globe, Kivun participants live in apartments in Jerusalem, gaining independence, Jewish learning, and real-life skills. They advance their résumé while exploring the Israeli workforce during a professional internship, and make a real impact on Israeli society through intensive volunteering activities. Kivun participants gain a unique understanding of Israeli life through an incredible array of experiences such as Kibbutz, Volunteering, Magen David Adom, and the Marva IDF experience. On Kivun, participants grow as Zionists, as Jews and as people through diverse learning and real-life experiences.


Mechina Olamit
Co-ed, International, 6 months

The Mechina Olamit, in partnership with Kol Ami is an intense and challenging pre-military leadership program that develops skills for life. This half-year course in a religious Zionist, co-ed environment, mixes Israelis together with participants from around the globe. Living in Kibbutz Migdal Oz, the program runs in English for the first 3 months and then in Hebrew. The focus is on creating a sense of commitment to Am Israel, to Jewish identity and to the participants’ own personal development. Participants build friendships while they discover the land of Israel and its people, and experience Torah learning, navigation skills, fitness, training and so much more. Together, participants of Mechina Olamit experience an incredible process of learning, self-empowerment, and preparation for the IDF and for their involvement in their communities.


Girls only, International, 10 months

Shalem offers girls from across the globe a meaningful year of volunteering and independent living in a religious Zionist environment, immersed in the Israeli Sherut Leumi (National Service) program. Complemented by Beit Midrash Torah leaning and a variety of experiential programming, it is an uplifting, inspiring, and empowering gap year. Participants learn new skills, develop their Jewish identity, and play a meaningful part in contributing to Israeli society. Shalem is based in Ra’anana and offers two locations for Sherut Leumi: Beit Meir Hospital, and ALUT- a day center for children with autism. The program focuses on personal growth through learning in Israel while working within the community in Israel - the true meaning of Torah V’avodah.

The program cost is only $11,500 USD after the $2,000 Masa discount.


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