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Yeshiva University
The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program

The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program is a formal arrangement between Yeshiva University and more than 40 Israeli institutions for men and women in Israel. For students who wish to study in Israel, the program provides structure, guidance and assistance. YU’s Israel office maintains a full staff who visit schools regularly in order to assist all program participants and facilitate their seamless return to YU.

The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program maintains a professionally staffed office in Israel to assist all program participants. YU’s Israel representatives visit schools regularly and works closely with the administration of all yeshivot and seminaries on our program, offering valuable resources to our affiliated schools. The staff communicates regularly with the students, providing academic and career guidance and individualized attention throughout the student’s year abroad. Students are provided staff cell phone numbers and are encouraged to visit the Jerusalem campus during office hours or call at their convenience. All relevant information and a list of affiliated Israel schools can be found on our webpage


Yeshiva University

Use your FAFSA aid to pay for your year in Israel. As early as October, parents can file a FAFSA to find out if they are eligible for any Federal or State aid. If eligible, those funds can be used to pay for the year in Israel through the Yeshiva University SDA Israel program. Loans that are offered through the FAFSA program are also available to the student for the year in Israel.

Your 529 account can be used to pay for the year studying abroad. Through the Israel Program, parents who have been setting aside funds in a 529 account for the student’s college education, may now use those funds to pay for the year in Israel. Tuition payment for study in Israel will be made directly to Yeshiva University.

Flexible payment plans are available through Yeshiva University. Most Israeli institutions would like payment in full prior to the student arriving in Israel. The Yeshiva University SDA Israel program gives you the opportunity to spread your payments
throughout the year.

You may be eligible to claim an IRS American Opportunity Credit of up to $2,500. The American Opportunity Tax Credit is a program for qualified education expenses paid for an eligible student for the first four years of higher education. A student may be considered eligible if they are enrolled at Yeshiva University through the Israel Program.

Work the summer before Israel. Students on the Yeshiva University SDA Israel Program may be eligible for the Federal Work Study Program while working the summer proceeding the year of study in Israel.

Earn credits that count on your official YU transcript. Upon your return to Yeshiva University, course work earned in Israel will be included on your official YU transcript. When applying to graduate programs and internships, the transcript will reflect study at one of our participating institutions in Israel as part of one contiguous transcript.

Student Activities

Students have opportunities to meet with YU Roshei Yeshiva, liberal arts, science and business faculty, and administrators who regularly visit Israel. Under the auspices of Yeshiva University, students attend lectures and shiurim featuring prominent rabbis and academicians from many fields, and enjoy tournaments and extracurricular programs. Yeshiva University also sponsors major events for overseas students in Israel, such as melava malkas with YU Torah personalities, an Inter-Seminary Choir Competition, a career fair, and bein hazmanim [between semester] programs.

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