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Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut

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Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut where deep soulful Torah meets Creative Expression. We seek to reach young women by addressing their minds and hearts with our combined program of inspired Torah education with a rich array of creative pursuits.

Welcome, Shalom!
We are so happy that you are interested in our Midrasha. Over a decade ago, HaKadosh Baruch Hu granted us the opportunity to create a warm and inspiring home for creative religious individuals looking to grow. Our caring community celebrates individual creative expression in the vibrant light of Torah. We have had the joy and privilege to learn with so many wonderful young women who have become part of the Midreshet Emunah v’Omanut family. Together we learn, share our creativity and develop a richer, deeper commitment and connection to our Torah, our people and our land. 
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Dr. Yocheved and Rabbi David Debow


At Emunah v’Omanut, Torah and Art are integrated into a single religious pursuit.

מציון מכלל יופי אלקים הופיע

תהלים נ, ב

From Tzion, perfect in beauty, G-d appeared

Tehillim 50, 2


Rabbi David Debow, Director, infuses his classes with relevance and creativity. He served as teacher, Mashgiach Ruchani and Principal of Fuchs Mizrachi high school in Cleveland. Received Smicha l’Gola from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. BA, Yeshiva University and MA, Ursuline College.

Dr. Yocheved Debow, Academic Principal, teaches to students in a way that is emotionally and religiously relevant. She holds a BA in Psychology and Education, an MA in Child Clinical and Educational Psychology and a doctorate in Education from Bar Ilan University as a presidential fellow, and a Judaic Studies teaching certificate from Michlalah College for Women.

Rabbanit Shira Zimmerman, Rosh Beit Midrash exemplifies Torah scholarship. She graduated the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute for Halakhic Leadership at Midreshet Lindenbaum and the Matan Institute for Advanced Talmudic Learning. She holds a BA in Talmud and Tanach from Bar Ilan.

Mrs. Franny Waisman, Mashgicha Ruchanit, lives and breathes Torah and Art. A professional VIP guide, she infects princes and politicians with her passionate love of Eretz Yisrael. A song writer and performer, Franny touches many with her authentic Jewish music. She studied Tanach and Machshava at Herzog College and Midreshet Migdol Oz

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